Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ugh. Damn the Postal Service.

So I've been patiently for my January EP by Bishop Allen, and after some email exchanges with Christian, the CD finally arrived today...

...and this is what I got.
Except somewhere along the way, the CD got damaged, cracked...ugh.
Maybe not enough padding on the package?
Anyways, I wondered if anyone out there also experienced any of this?
Or am I the only one?

I still think Bishop Allen is one cool band, in spite of all of these events.

So I have yet to hear the full EP, and I've already ordered the February EP.

mp3: Bishop Allen- "Vain"

2006 SxSw Downloads

The fine folks over at SxSw and Bittorrent are offering you Downloads of the music and movie trailers featured at the event.
Check it out.

update: Might wanna check back now and then, seems like its inactive at the moment.

LA----> Seattle

Back in the early 90's I recall fond memories of a road trip to Seattle...just out of pure randomness.

One thing is for sure, LA sure feels like Seattle right now, with all this rain we're gettin...and here's why I bring up these two cities up on this entry.

Update: Midnght Movies in Studio

The L.A. band Midnight Movies has made their trek to Seattle to record their second album with the guidance of Steve Fisk (Low, Minus the Bear, The Wedding Present and Screaming Trees).
They're keeping a recording diary on their site with images and video clips.
Visit their diary here.
My previous entry about them here.

QT: Midnight Movies- "Mirage"
official site: Midnight Movies


Trespassers William, once part of the L.A. music scene has transplanted themselves to Seattle...their new album 'having' drops today (February 28).
In studio performance on KEXP- Trespassers William -Tuesday February 28, 9:00am (PST)
My Space: Trespassers William

Also Also:

Earlimart (not currently in Seattle, I believe) parted ways with Palm Pictures record label, and has a deal with Suicide Squeeze to put out a 7" single in early summer. Seems like a pattern developing among alot of bands out there, as they hunt for other record labels...just like TV on the Radio parted ways with Touch n Go to sign with Interscope. So as for Earlimart, who knows where they'll end up, but they do have a concert in LA on March 22nd.
From their 2003 album "Everyone Down Here":
YouSend: Earlimart- "We're So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)"
Also Also Also: Check the upcoming bands to appear at the Fold Silverlake

Monday, February 27, 2006

musicWATCH | Vitalic

Vitalic is the alter ego of Pascal Arbez, a French programmer/multi-instrumentalist...
formed: 1996
from: France
type of music: electro dance pop
current album: "OK Cowboy" (2005)

Just been listening to this album as part of my rotation of other albums.

for a limited time.
YouSend: Vitalic- "No Fun"

QT: Vitalic- "My Friend Dario"

official site: Vitalic


I finally caught the film dig! (2003) on Sundance channel. Yea, I know I'm way late on this one. I'd say the movie overall is an interesting journey that really redefines what the 7 year itch is in music.

QT: Dig! Movie Trailer
Read the movie synopsis here

From their album "Welcome to the Monkey House" (2003)-

QT: The Dandy Warhols- "We Used To Be Friends"

Friday, March 17 (8.00PM) @ Bourbon Rocks (Austin, TX)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Sunday, February 26, 2006

musicWATCH | Liars

formed: 2000
from: NY but transplanted to Germany
type of music: lo-fi noise rock
current release: "Drum's Not Dead" (US release: March 21, 2006)

follow ifilm and click watch: QT: Liars- "There's Always Room On The Broom "

official site: Liars
My Space: Liars

Pitchfork gave their new album a 9.0.
I'm still listening to a few tracks, and so far its not bad...still need to hear the rest.

Friday, February 24, 2006

albumWATCH | Asobi Seksu

Once again the band turns to
the design talents of Sean McCabe (Interpol, Spoon).
A nice cover I might say.
There's no real official release date,
but it appears the date might be: May 30th.

Here's a couple of tracks from their previous S/T album (2004):
mp3: Asobi Seksu- "Walk on the Moon"
mp3: Asobi Seksu- "Let Them Wait"

Their currently on tour, check the schedule here.
I'm looking forward to the new album and also catching them live again.

My Space: Asobi Seksu
official site: Asobi Seksu

musicWATCH | The Low Lows

formed: 2005
from: Athens, GA
type of music: Lo Fi Rock

This is the band that was formerly Parker & Lily, and then for two weeks they were, The Last Wonder of the World and now they are called The Low Lows. Talk about serious band identity issues, but anyways, their sound hasn't changed a whole lot...for better or for worse. I'll take it for the better.

The band is a trio, and as their band site says, "Lily Wolfe also records extensively with the band, but doesn't tour anymore."

mp3: The Low Lows- "Lane Fire-Strobe"
mp3: The Low Lows- "The Low Lows"
Stream more of their music over at My Space: The Low Lows
official site: The Low Lows
(formerly The Last Wonder of the World, and Parker & Lily)

featured at SXSW
Wednesday, March 15 12:00 a.m.
Nuno's Upstairs

Thursday, February 23, 2006

random tidbits

I really never liked the music selection at Best Buy.
Pitchfork reports that Best Buy is now selling "left of the dial indie heroes" at the obscenely low price of $7.99.
"How can Best Buy get away with that? Isn't that illegal or something? Well, no. Welcome to the wonderful world of co-ops. Co-op campaigns are deals in which labels exchange money or extra CDs ("cleans") for prominent placement in stores, bulk initial orders, sale pricing, and advertising presence."

Read the full article here.

My Old Kentucky Blog wrote an entry about MP3 download sites...He's diggin' emusic alot. I did their 50 free song downloads...its a pretty nice deal. check it out.

Update: This is as random as it gets. I was just reading up on the "most fearless animal on this planet", after one of my co-workers was talking about something he saw on TV about these critters...just got my curiosity going, and damn...

Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

Another update:
(for a limited time)
YouSend: Four Tet-"Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions">

Also: its that time of year again

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

musicWATCH | The Fiery Furnaces

One of my favorite duos in music, and I have to admit, I wasn't entirely big on their last album, "Rehearsing My Choir".
But when they announced their new album to be like Sissy Psychedelic Satanism, I just got all excited.

There's been a leak of some songs off their upcoming release "Bitter Tea", and from what I've been able to listen to so far, I've been really impressed.

For a limited time:
You Send: The Fiery Furnaces- "Waiting To Know You"
(thanks to Rawking Refuses To Stop!)

Try Try Again...

(image courtesy of Dead Air Space)

According to NME, Radiohead is adding a song to their new album that they just couldn't get right for almost 10 years now. It's been dubbed as the "lost 'OK Computer' song", the track called 'Nude'. An early version of the song appears on the band documentary 'Meeting People Is Easy'.

From their blog site:

Mon, 20 February-
monday morning.

jonny is hastily writing out scores for a string quartet who are comign tommoro.

right now we are working on nude, it sounds beautiful, as far as i can tell.

i hope we dont get i'll. there is a lot of sickness about. especially for the children.


Radiohead Blog site: Dead Air Space

albumWATCH | Eels with Strings Part 2

This album deserves another post. I just picked up the album on my way home from work.

There's always a charm to live recordings, when its done right. And this album does a better than a decent job of doing that. I love the stripped down version of the songs..there's beauty in the rawness of a song. Might I add the strings add a distinct flavor to the songs. Like I mentioned before E doesn't have the best vocals in the world, but the way he delivers the songs, there's a level of intensity and intimacy to it-- that draws you in.

for a limited time download:

YouSend: Eels with Strings- "Novocaine For The Soul"
YouSend: Eels with Strings- "Trouble With Dreams"

Official Site: Eels With Strings

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

albumWATCH | Eels with Strings

The album drops today. (Feb. 21 Tuesday).

Vid: Eels with Strings- "Dirty Girl"

My recent entry about this album here

Also some other notable releases:
Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (US release)
Destroyer- Rubies
Dilated People- 20/20
Elbow- Leaders of the Free World (US release)
Vitalic- OK Cowboy (US release)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Upcoming Shows: Los Angeles, CA

The Troubadour | Hollywood
February 25 Sat. The Wedding Present | Tim Fite
February 28 Tues. Goldspot
March 3 Fri. Low with Damien Jurado
March 4 & 5 Sat, Sun. Yeah Yeah Yeahs **SOLD OUT**
March 6 Mon. Matt Pond PA
March 7 Tues. Isobel Campbell with Magnet

February 28 Tues. The Elected plus Chapin Sisters
March 7 Tues. Animal Collective

Wiltern LG
March 11 Sat. Goldfrapp

Henry Fonda Theatre
Feb. 22 Wed. Nada Surf
March 9 Thurs. She Wants Revenge
March 15 Wed. Arctic Monkeys

The Glasshouse
March 1 Wed. Jenny Watson with the Watson Twins
March 4 Sat. Coachella Movie
March 8 Wed. Polysics (of Japan)
March 12 Sun. The Elected

Real Vid: She Wants Revenge- "Tear You Apart"


The 2006 Spirit Awards- March 4th on IFC

Friday, February 17, 2006

American Comics

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for some visual stimuli.

I like to break away now and then to write an entry about art exhibits worthy of your attention, since sharing is caring...

If you live in Southern California, MOCA and the Hammer Museum have co-organized an exhibit that showcases American Comic Art from the 20th century. They describe it as, "a large-scale exhibition comprising in-depth presentations of work by 15 artists who shaped the development of the American comic strip and comic book during the past century. With over 900 objects on view simultaneously at both museums, the exhibition provides understanding and insight into the medium of comics as an art form."
The exhibit runs til mid March.

Winsor McCay
Little Nemo in Slumberland
December 3, 1905
Newspaper Sunday page.

E.C Segar
Thimble Theatre Starring Popeye
October 11, 1936
Newspaper Sunday page

Museum of Contemporary Art

Also at MOCA

Til Feb. 20th.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
Thank you.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

musicWATCH | The Knife

formed: 1999
from: Stockholm, Sweden
type of music: electro pop with a splash of the dark
current release: Silent Shout (March 2006 in Europe)

There's been alot of buzz about these guys around the net, so maybe I'm guilty of jumpin' on that bandwagon too, but then again I'm pretty damn picky about what I listen to. So when I heard their stuff, I was intrigued. Perhaps I'm currently into this whole Nordic music scene or something.

Pitchfork calls their current release as, "An early contender for best record of the quarter, here's hoping Silent Shout inspires similar imagination and pushing outwards..."
From what I've heard of their music so far, I'm becoming a believer as well.

Image hosting by Photobucket
QT: The Knife- "Silent Shout"
If that doesn't work go to Contact Music: the knife
Contact Music mentions that "Karin can be heard on the forthcoming Royksopp album. She lends her stunning vocals to ‘What Else Is There’"

official site: the knife

Funny Little Frog

From their current album "The Life Pursuit", and the first single released in the UK...
Image hosting by Photobucket
RealVid: Belle & Sebastian- "Funny Little Frog"

MTV.com has the video premiere of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Gold Lion".
Apparently, one can't view it if you're using a Mac. Boo!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sissy Psychedelic Satanism

Image hosting by Photobucket
Try saying that a few times real fast, its a mouthful, but that's the description of the Fiery Furnaces new album "Bitter Tea". It's their follow up of the album "Rehearse My Choir" which got some mixed reviews.
"Bitter Tea is a very girly record. The granddaughter record, as opposed to the grandmother record," Matt Friedberger said in a press release.
Pitchfork reports that the Fiery Furnaces also switched labels to Fat Possum Records.

Also mentioned is that Matt Friedberger is set to release not one but two solo albums later this year. Talk about one hell of a year for the Fiery Furnaces, no pun intended.

From their album "Gallowsbird's Bark" (2003)
mp3 download: The Fiery Furnaces- "Inca Rag/ Name Game"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sing A Long Time- Karoake style

Hopefully you know the song, just follow the lyrics, and its all good.

QT: Acid House Kings- "Do What You Wanna Do"
And if you need to brush up on how the song goes, here's the original.
mp3: Acid House Kings- "Do What You Wanna Do"

My previous post about them here and here and recently here
What can I say, I'm intrigued by these Svedish folks. yah!

----------- >8 cut here --------------------------
Oh, and MSTRKRFT is coming to L.A. to the Puma Store at Santa Monica to celebrate some co-branding partnership with some denim Evisu whatever...blah
Ugh, either way, I probably won't go, also I'm nursing whatever I got, cold, flu, ugh...
But for those interested:

click image above to get a closer look


Be- My Bloody Valentine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
From one of my favorite bands of all time...MBV.
Some classic tunes/vids from their seminal album "Loveless" (1991).

I thought in the spirit of V- day that I run this silly theme.

QT: My Bloody Valentine- "Only Shallow"
QT: My Bloody Valentine- "To Here Knows When"
(These are rather large files- mpgs, so hope you're rollin' on high speed.)

Monday, February 13, 2006


Of Montreal on MBE

Today's guest at KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic: Of Montreal


click here here around 11:20am PT for LIVE Video!
click here after the event.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

musicWATCH | The Rakes

formed: 2004
from: London, England
type of music: rock
current release: Capture/ Release (2005)

I'm still trying to figure out if I like these guys or not...still haven't made up my mind.
They're stirring up a bit of buzz over in the UK, but we'll see what happens in time.
From their new single- "All Too Human" To be released in the UK, February 27, 2006.
Image hosting by Photobucket
But the above image does reflect my condition right now currently as I'm trying to recooperate from this nasty bug I've had for a week. Oh and another note, the vid pays a little homage to the Lars von Trier's "Dogville"...yea? no?
WinMed: The Rakes- "All Too Human"

official site: The Rakes
My Space: The Rakes

Saturday, February 11, 2006

musicWATCH | Mono

_a saturday matinee special_
(still nursing my cold here, so....)
Image hosting by Photobucket
formed: circa 2000
from: Japan
type of music: atmospheric noise rock (in the same vein as Mogwai and Kinski)
current release: You Are There (release date: March-April 2006 worldwide)
Image hosting by Photobucket
mp3: Mono- "The flames beyond the cold mountain"
I'm really kickin myself in the butt for missing them when they were in L.A. last year...or was it the year before, damn those medications.
visit their site: it features a guide on how to make paper cranes.
official site: Mono

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

Okay, I admit the title of this entry isn't all that original and this may be already old news to most of you.
But its come to my attention out of my own discovery as I made my pilgrimage to one of L.A.'s best kept secret and also one of my favorite record shops, that its closing...Aron Records.
The record shop's demise was somewhat inevitable as I recall going there one time and noticed the selections were limited and the inventory was poorly managed. Most likely they felt the bite of its rival, Amoeba Music, just down the street from there. Obviously, most people were going to Amoeba Music to trade in their CDs thus leaving Aron's with slim pickings on the used CD racks.
Image hosting by Photobucket
From their website:

After 40 Years serving Los Angeles, Aron's Records will be closing its doors to the public. To go out with a bang we are having a close-out sale with savings on everything in the regular store! Get anywhere from 30% to 60% off your entire purchase! This sale runs until everything in the store is gone!! Thank you for your support throughout the years. Come out today and help us usher out the end of our tenure.

I think they are now going with 50%-70% off.
Only shows how important it is to support your local record shops, for they are a dying breed...indeed.

Going Big Screen

Joy Division Film Cast Announced
(courtesy of NME)

Newcomer cast as Ian Curtis
The cast for the biographical film of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis'life has been announced.

The part of Ian Curtis will be played by newcomer Sam Riley and German actress Alexandra Maria Lara will play the part of his lover Annik Honore .
The film 'Control' will be the debut feature from music director Anton Corbijn, who has previously directed videos for the likes of Nirvana and U2.

The screenplay is based on the star's wife Deborah Curtis' book 'Touching From A Distance'. She will get a co-production credit on the film. The part of Curtis' widow will be taken by Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton.

New Order will record new tracks for the film as well as specially re-recording a number of Joy Division tracks.

Also news of the Arctic Monkeys making a film based on their song "When The Sun Goes Down".
A film source told NME.COM: "Shooting took place before Christmas. The idea is to tell the story of the song from two different perspectives. The first film is called 'Scummy Man' and is 14 minutes long, and tells the story of a prostitute called Nina, the 'scummy man' mentioned in the title and all the low-life people who live in that world. The second film is called 'Just Another Day' and is shorter, about eight minutes long. It's the film from another perspective."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

musicWATCH | Mogwai

formed: 1996
from: Glasgow, Scotland
type of music: space rock
Image hosting by Photobucket
current release: ‘Mr Beast' (release date: March 7, 2006)
Image hosting by Photobucket

mp3: Mogwai- "Folk Death 95"

official site: Mogwai
My Space: Mogwai (the real mogwai)

Post Grammy's

Congrats to the White Stripes- "Get Behind Me Satan" awarded Alternative Music Album of the Year.
Also the Chemical Brothers for Best Dance Recording "Galvanize", Electronic/Dance Album of the Year "Push The Button",
and Bob Dylan for Long Form Music Video "No Direction Home".

Congrats to U2 as well...
Go over to My Old Kentucky Blog: U2 & Mary Blige "One"
Also full Yahoo Music Coverage on the Winners.

QT: The White Stripes- "Denial Twist"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gorillaz Meets Madonna

Some images from the Grammy's.
(images courtesy of Reuters and Yahoo!)

Image hosting by Photobucket
-ex-Blur dude (Damon Albarn) who's in gorillaz, the dude (Jamie Hewlett) who draws the gorillaz, and dennis hopper.
Image hosting by Photobucket
-Madonna mid-life crisis? (trying to re-live the early years?)
Image hosting by Photobucket
-Strange huh?

WinMed: Gorillaz- "Dare"

Bling Bling

A very strange list indeed.

The List of the Big Music Makers According to Forbes Magazine
(as of Feb. 2006)

1. The Rolling Stones- $168 Mil
2. U2- $150 Mil
3. Kenny Chesney- $110 Mil
4. Green Day- $99 Mil
5. The Eagles- $84 Mil
6. Paul McCartney- $83 Mil
7. Celine Dion- $81 Mil
8. 50 Cent- $79 Mil
9. Dave Matthews Band- $74 Mil
10. Elton John- $66 Mil

Read the full article here.

Oh, tonight is the Grammy's aka the Granny's
I think the only thing I'm curious about is the team up of the Gorillaz and Madonna as the open act...other than that **yawn**

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

new song by YYYs

Image hosting by Photobucket
from the soon to be released album: Show Your Bones (release date- March 28, 2006)
YouSend: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Gold Lion"

This video from their previous album was directed by Spike Jonze.
QT: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Y Control"
The new album is produced by Squeak E. Clean aka Sam Spiegel (brother of Spike Jonze).
Squeak E. Clean is also producing Karen O's solo project set to be released late this year or sometime next year.
check out their spiffy new website: here
My Space: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

On a random note...since I'm still fighting this cold I've got, you've noticed,
wow...look it all the posts in one day. It sucks to be sick.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Scarlett and Kierra?? Whoahhh....

musicWATCH | Beth Orton

Image hosting by Photobucket
The beginning of 2006-- Women in music made their mark with some of this year's early best releases.
Chan Marshall. Jenny Lewis...and now Beth Orton, next month, Neko Case and Isobel Campbell--and most likely I missed a few along the way.
But for now, its Beth Orton Day.
Her new album "Comfort of Strangers" (fourth album) drops today. I read somewhere that the 14-song set was recorded in two weeks with producer Jim O'Rourke (better known for working with Sonic Youth and Wilco).
The Late Show with David Letterman: Beth Orton-"Conceived"

YouSend: Beth Orton- "Conceived"
My Space: Beth Orton
Official Site: Beth Orton

Something to Inspire

Image hosting by Photobucket
Create your own South Park character here...hahah