Tuesday, September 26, 2006

re: 1990

John Lydon, after leaving the Sex Pistols and shedding his Johnny Rotten persona...he came together with Keith Levene, who was also one of the earlier lineups of The Clash to form Public Image Limited aka PiL.

The Greatest Hits, So Far mines the singles PiL released through 1990. Ten years after its release, it was doubtful that a second volume would surface (the '90s saw one lone studio release, not to mention a John Lydon "solo" record), so thankfully Lydon didn't embarrass himself by titling it "The Greatest Hits, Volume One." That said, not many outfits under the guise of one name can boast a collection of singles so diverse and ranging in quality. And really, the title should be "The Singles, So Far." (by Andy Kellman, AMG)

YouTube: Public Image Limited- "Rise"


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