Monday, January 23, 2006

Sing A Long...even in Svedish

Everyone Sings Along WIth Acid House Kings EP
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release date: February 8 , 2006

An EP where Acid House Kings' favourite singers do their own unique karaoke versions of their songs. A perfect complement and follow up of their "Sing Along With Acid House Kings".
Okay this music ain't for everyone, but I really like these guys...

Track list:
1. Magnus Carlson “Will you love me in the morning?”
2. Les Très Bien Ensemble “Ce coeur est de pierre”
3. Lasse Lindh “Jag skyller allt på dig”
4. Montt Mardié “Do what you wanna do”
5. Don Lennon “Tonight is forever”

Extra (from a past entry):
QT: Acid House Kings- "7 Days"


Blogger Oskar said...

any chance you can share the don lennon-track? or just send me a link? please. :)

4:18 AM  
Blogger Oskar said...

thanks! :)

1:06 AM  

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