Tuesday, October 10, 2006

re: 1997

Latyrx's first full-length release, The Album, was as sonically inventive as it was overlooked -- which makes sense, since it was hardly ever in print during its first five years of existence. Enough people heard the record to make it something of an underground legend, but its potential influence wound up unfortunately limited, especially given how forward-looking the music on The Album is. It represents a major step for the Solesides (later Quannum) collective in replacing the Hieroglyphics as the Bay Area's most adventurous underground crew. Mates DJ Shadow and Blackalicious' Chief Xcel both produce several tracks on The Album, with Shadow helming the groundbreaking experiment "Latyrx" (which also provided the catalyst for an album release). Both MCs recorded individual raps, which were then laid on top of one another in separate audio channels. (by Steve Huey, AMG)

mp3: Latyrx- "Muzappers Mix"
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