Tuesday, August 22, 2006

re: 1974

Here Come the Warm Jets, his first album was more complex and densely detailed.
Another Green World, his third album was more minimalistic and bit of more stripped down arrangements. Most would note his third album as the masterpiece, but I find the sophomore release to be the more interesting transition from the first album to the third album.
This transitory state of the second album was surrounded by two tragic events that occurred in his life. Right after his first album, Eno experienced ill health and his lung collapsed while on tour. And right after his second album, Eno got into a car accident that left him bedridden for several months. As a result he discovered "his most significant innovation, the creation of ambient music: unable to move to turn up his stereo to hear above the din of a rainstorm, he realized that music could assume the same properties as light or color, and blend thoroughly into its given atmosphere without upsetting the environmental balance."

"Eno's sophomore album, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), is more subdued and cerebral, and a bit darker when he does cut loose, but it's no less thrilling once the music reveals itself. It's a loose concept album -- often inscrutable, but still playful...although not quite as enthusiastic as Here Come the Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain is made accessible through Eno's mastery of pop song structure, a form he would soon transcend and largely discard." (excerpt taken from AMG, by Steve Huey)

From the album "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy":
YouSend: Brian Eno- "Third Uncle" (for a limited time)

Bauhaus also did a cover for the song "Third Uncle" almost a decade later.

Buy the album ovah here.


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