Tuesday, May 16, 2006

re: 1988

About 20 years ago, a band called the Pixies appeared on the vast music landscape from a place we call Beantown (Boston, MA). Yesterday, I wrote an entry about their film here. And that led me to revisit one of their albums.

One of my favorite albums by the Pixies is "Surfer Rosa". Since I lack the time and patience to write a full article about this and also my mind is a bit discombabulated from the day's activities. I leave you with a credible source in music reviews...no, I'm not referring to Pitchfork, but AMG.

Heather Phares, from AMG, best describes this album as:
In a year that included landmark albums from contemporaries like Throwing Muses, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine, the Pixies managed to turn in one of 1988's most striking, distinctive records. Surfer Rosa may not be the group's most accessible work, but it is one of their most compelling.

From the album "Surfer Rosa":
YouSend: Pixies- "Cactus"(for a limited time)

It wasn't my intent to repeat the same year as last week, but whadda ya know, I am...haha.

Last week's "re:" entry ovah here.


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