Monday, May 08, 2006

Second Cup | Blood on the Wall

formed: circa 2004
from: Brooklyn NY
type of music: rock

Interesting quick blurb I read about these guys. As it goes the brother-sister (Brad and Courtney Shanks) met their drummer Miggy Littleton selling records off the street corner...and that was a beginning of a beautiful friendship...awww!

YouTube | Blood on the Wall- "Reunite on Ice"

From their 2005 album "Awesomer":
savefile: Blood On The Wall- "Mary Susan"

They've got a show here in LA with Dan Bejar aka Destroyer at Spaceland. The tix are now only available at the door (first come first basis- limited amounts).

Karen O gave recent props to these guys during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs special show with NPR at Washington DC.
Check out the article and download the Yeah Yeah Yeah performance here. Blood on the Wall recently toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

My Space: Blood on the Wall


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