Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nightcap Brew | Cold War Kids: The O.C. Connections

Okay, here me out now.
There's been alot of buzz about these guys floating around on the blogosphere. I caught a little bit of them when they were playing with Tapes 'N Tapes over at Spaceland a month back.

But, Damn!

I looked at who produced their music. You got some serious talent behind this production. So here we go with playing the name games.

"Up in Rags EP" and "Mulberry Street EP" produced by
Matt Wignal (part of the Havalina Rail Co.*--back in the early 90's).
official site: Havalina Rail Co.
*Havalina named after the last track off the Pixies "Bossanova" album.
Download their full album "Russian Lullabies" (from 1997) at their site.

+for a limited time+
YouSend: Havalina Rail Co.- "Siberian Safari"

From their EP "Up in Rags":
mp3: Cold War Kids- "Hospital Beds"
From their EP "Mulberry Street":
mp3: Cold War Kids- "Heavy Boots"

"With Our Wallets Full EP" produced by
Jason Martin (part of Starflyer 59).
I mentioned Starflyer 59 before here and their connection with Richard Swift.
official site: Starflyer 59

+for a limited time+
YouSend: Starflyer 59- "Fell in Love at 22"
YouSend: Starflyer 59- "Do You Ever Feel That Way"

From Their EP "With Our Wallets Full":
mp3: Cold War Kids- "Tell Me In The Morning"

official site: Cold War Kids
My Space: Cold War Kids


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