Tuesday, August 08, 2006

re: 1985

A tale of two cities. One, being Manchester, and the other, Liverpool.
Liverpool giving birth to the Beatles...but the postpunk movement flourished well in the city of Manchester during the late 70s and beyond.
I'll post about this later, since I've been listening to a great deal of music from Manchester and Liverpool. Actually its a compilation album, I'll share that later.
But one band from Liverpool left their mark during the 80's, evenwhile such bands from Manchester flourished like the Smiths and New Order. I believe I used the word 'flourished' twice, hahaha...
Songs to Learn and Sing released in 1985, a compilation album and considered a staple of the 'post-new-wave rock'.

Songs to Learn & Sing is a solid and comprehensive collection of the band's material, also introducing the previously unissued album track "Bring on the Dancing Horses," which was featured on the soundtrack to the Molly Ringwald film Pretty in Pink (1986).
(courtesy of AMG, by MacKenzie Wilson)

YouSend: Echo & The Bunnymen- "Bring on the Dancing Horses" (for a limited time)

Buy the album ovah here.


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