Wednesday, February 22, 2006

albumWATCH | Eels with Strings Part 2

This album deserves another post. I just picked up the album on my way home from work.

There's always a charm to live recordings, when its done right. And this album does a better than a decent job of doing that. I love the stripped down version of the songs..there's beauty in the rawness of a song. Might I add the strings add a distinct flavor to the songs. Like I mentioned before E doesn't have the best vocals in the world, but the way he delivers the songs, there's a level of intensity and intimacy to it-- that draws you in.

for a limited time download:

YouSend: Eels with Strings- "Novocaine For The Soul"
YouSend: Eels with Strings- "Trouble With Dreams"

Official Site: Eels With Strings


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