Thursday, February 16, 2006

musicWATCH | The Knife

formed: 1999
from: Stockholm, Sweden
type of music: electro pop with a splash of the dark
current release: Silent Shout (March 2006 in Europe)

There's been alot of buzz about these guys around the net, so maybe I'm guilty of jumpin' on that bandwagon too, but then again I'm pretty damn picky about what I listen to. So when I heard their stuff, I was intrigued. Perhaps I'm currently into this whole Nordic music scene or something.

Pitchfork calls their current release as, "An early contender for best record of the quarter, here's hoping Silent Shout inspires similar imagination and pushing outwards..."
From what I've heard of their music so far, I'm becoming a believer as well.

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QT: The Knife- "Silent Shout"
If that doesn't work go to Contact Music: the knife
Contact Music mentions that "Karin can be heard on the forthcoming Royksopp album. She lends her stunning vocals to ‘What Else Is There’"

official site: the knife


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