Friday, February 24, 2006

musicWATCH | The Low Lows

formed: 2005
from: Athens, GA
type of music: Lo Fi Rock

This is the band that was formerly Parker & Lily, and then for two weeks they were, The Last Wonder of the World and now they are called The Low Lows. Talk about serious band identity issues, but anyways, their sound hasn't changed a whole lot...for better or for worse. I'll take it for the better.

The band is a trio, and as their band site says, "Lily Wolfe also records extensively with the band, but doesn't tour anymore."

mp3: The Low Lows- "Lane Fire-Strobe"
mp3: The Low Lows- "The Low Lows"
Stream more of their music over at My Space: The Low Lows
official site: The Low Lows
(formerly The Last Wonder of the World, and Parker & Lily)

featured at SXSW
Wednesday, March 15 12:00 a.m.
Nuno's Upstairs


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