Thursday, February 23, 2006

random tidbits

I really never liked the music selection at Best Buy.
Pitchfork reports that Best Buy is now selling "left of the dial indie heroes" at the obscenely low price of $7.99.
"How can Best Buy get away with that? Isn't that illegal or something? Well, no. Welcome to the wonderful world of co-ops. Co-op campaigns are deals in which labels exchange money or extra CDs ("cleans") for prominent placement in stores, bulk initial orders, sale pricing, and advertising presence."

Read the full article here.

My Old Kentucky Blog wrote an entry about MP3 download sites...He's diggin' emusic alot. I did their 50 free song downloads...its a pretty nice deal. check it out.

Update: This is as random as it gets. I was just reading up on the "most fearless animal on this planet", after one of my co-workers was talking about something he saw on TV about these critters...just got my curiosity going, and damn...

Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

Another update:
(for a limited time)
YouSend: Four Tet-"Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions">

Also: its that time of year again


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