Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shows Shows Shows

|| Tonight ||
His Name is Alive
@ Spaceland (LA area)
official site: His Name is Alive

Two exciting shows coming up this weekend, if you live in the LA area.

|| June 3rd Saturday ||

Danielson featuring Tara Jane O'Neil
@Spaceland/ $10 adv/ 9pm

official site: Danielson

Liars, The Apes, Rabbits
@Troubadour / $12 adv / All ages/ 8:00 PM

Prefix Mag- Liars Tix Contest (must enter before June 1st)

My previous entry about it ovah here.

official site: Liars

Second Cup | Thom Yorke...Leaked!

If you haven't heard already, but the leak has happened...

The song "Black Swan" will be featured in the film "Scanner Darkly".

Today's Brew | Neko Case- "Maybe Sparrow"

From her album "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood":
I'm intrigued by the art from the album cover, and the video is just as interesting.

Epitaph Video Player: Neko Case- "Maybe Sparrow"

official site: Neko Case

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What about Bob?

So it will take 4-5 different actors plus an actress to portray the legendary icon- Bob Dylan for the movie called I'm Not There.
The cast to play the different life stages of Bob include: Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Christian Bale, Ben Wishaw and Cate Blanchett.

The producers called it "a ferocious musical romp".

According to the Telegraph, His songs will be interpreted by Jack White of The White Stripes, PJ Harvey and Michael Stipe of REM.

The strangest of them all is, Cate Blanchett who is to play the young Bob.
Article: Telegraph UK- "Cate Blanchett to play young Dylan" .

Re: 1977

The Year is 1977. The year that the first Star Wars (Episode IV: The New Hope) made its way to the big screens. And then there was Bowie.

The seminal album by the 'Thin White Duke' is divided in its style; by the angular rock songs and the ambient atmospheric instrumentals and has been considered influential and ahead of its time.

The song "Warszawa" shares songwriting credits with Brian Eno. The album itself is part of the 'Berlin Trilogy' in which Bowie collaborates with Eno in two other albums. The song itself also influenced another band, in which they named their band "Warsaw", later to be renamed "Joy Division".

To read more about the fascinating back story of the "Low" album by David Bowie, check it out ovah here.

YouSend: David Bowie- "Sound and Vision" (for a limited time)

Buy the album ovah here.

Previous entry of RE: here.

Today's Brew | Twilight Sleep

from: Los Angeles, CA
formed: circa 2004

Twilight Sleep is Tracy Marcellino and Raj Lathigara.

mp3: Twilight Sleep- "Ice Capade"
mp3: Twilight Sleep- "The Other One"

official site: Twilight Sleep
My Space: Twilight Sleep

Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's Brew | Office

From: Chicago, Il.
Formed: 2004
Current Release: Q & A (2005)
Type of Music: I love their description of themselves on their My Space:
"A broken Xerox machine spitting out love letters to a cocktail party in reverse slow motion." (from their My Space site)

A very generic name for a band, but the music is surprisingly pretty darn good.

YouSend: Office- "Wound Up" (for a limited time)

official site: Office
My Space: Office

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Second Cup | Keith T. | Benefit Show

My previous entry about this event here.

Who is Keith Tamashiro?
Keith Tamashiro is a graphic designer who has done record covers for DJ Shadow, Jurrassic 5, Herbie Hancock, Cut Chemist, Stones Throw, and many others. Keith suffered a brain aneurysm in March and is currently in the hospital with mounting hospital bills...
(text from stones throw)

Mayan Nightclub
1038 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Doors at 7pm
$75 per ticket 100% of all proceeds go directly to
Keiths medical expenses. All of the artists are close
friends of Keith and have donated their time to
perform at this special event.

7pm @ The Mezzanine.
444 Jessie St., San Francisco 94103. 21+

Today's "Triple Shot" Brew

I'm late on this one, but for those who haven't heard already, especially for those who live in the Southern Cali area.

On August 3rd- Mew and Broken Social Scene supporting Bloc Party invade LA.
(Greek Theatre)
A pretty good bill, if you ask me. Second only to the Massive Attack & TV on the Radio (Hollywood Bowl). (Of course minus all the various festival line ups).
Last time I checked, as of May 24, tix were still available for the Aug. 3rd show in LA.

If anything I'd definitely check out the Danish group Mew, since they don't come out to these neck of the woods too often.

Real: Mew- "The Zookeeper's Boy"

My previous entry about Mew over here.
I also listed their album from last year in my best of 2005 over here.

official site: Mew

QT: Broken Social Scene- "Shoreline"
BSS also appeared on my best of 2005, right ovah here.

QT: Bloc Party- "Two More Years"
Their vid appeared on my best vids (so far) of 2005, right ovah here.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Half N Half

We approach the half-way point in the year, and so its that time of year to reflect and examine. And as much as I appreciate the music, I also value the album art as part of the whole package in the album.
I started this at the end of last year, and thought I carry it over to this year.
2005 | Year End Edition

2006 | Half Year Edition- My Favorite Album Art So Far

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1. Danielson- Ships (May 9)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2. Essex Green- Cannibal Sea (Mar 21)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
3. Bishop Allen- "2006 EP-a-month Project"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
4. Asobi Seksu- Citrus (May 30)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5. Tilly & The Wall- Bottoms of Barrels (May 23)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
6. Neko Case- Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Mar 7)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
7. Band of Horses- Everything All The Time (Mar 21)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
8. Calexico- Garden Ruin (April 11)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
9. Keane – Under the Iron Sea (June 12)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
10. Various Artist Compilation- "Sound The Hare Heard" (May 9)

Honorable Mention
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Belle & Sebastian- The Life Pursuit (Feb 7)

Coming Soon | 2006: Half Year- Top 10 Albums So Far

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Second Cup | Tilly and the Wall

From the same hometown as Conor Oberst, oh wait they're on his record label, Team Love...its the kids from Omahaaa.

From their "Bottoms of Barrels" (May 23) release:
mp3 download: Tilly and the Wall- "Lost Girls" (courtesy of insound)

From their debut album "Wild Like Children" (2004):

QT: Tilly and the Wall- "You and I Misbehaving"

official site: Tilly and the Wall

Today's Brew | Flaming Lips

QT: Flaming Lips- Making of Yeah Yeah Yeah Song Video" Part 1
QT: Flaming Lips-Making of Yeah Yeah Yeah Song Video" Part 2
QT: Flaming Lips-Making of Yeah Yeah Yeah Song Video" Part 3

QT: Flaming Lips- "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"

In Los Angeles: with Thievery Corporation
7/23 Hollywood Bowl

This Thursday- Flaming Lips will perform "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

re: 1993

As we continue our 're' series on Tuesdays, this week we look at the Scottish band with the distinctive angelic vocals of Robin Guthrie and the ethereal and dreamy music that was created. Recently 4AD released the Cocteau Twin's extensive collection that spans almost a decade under the 4AD label (1982-1990), Lullabies to Violaine.

In 1993, the band released their first album with Capitol Records after severing their long relationship with 4AD. They kept their trademark ethereal, dreamy sound.

album: Four-Calendar Cafe
release date: Nov. 1993
label: Capitol


Know Who You Are at Every Age
Theft, and Wandering Around Lost
Oil of Angels
My Truth

YouSend: Cocteau Twins- "Know Who You Are At Every Age"
(for a limited time)

YouTube | Cocteau Twins- "Bluebeard (live)"-1994

My previous entry of re:.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Second Cup | Leopulde

Yet another group that has been listed as "shipmates" to Danielson's "Ships" project.
I really don't know too much about these guys, but if anyone knows more about these guys, feel free to share. The only info about these guys are found on My Space.

Leopulde is Ted Velykis, Anita Santiago and various friends. Also part of the Sounds Familyre.

current release: "Dinosaur Poetry" (yet to be released sometime this year)

Stream and download some tracks ovah at My Space: Leopulde

Today's Brew | Half-Handed Cloud

I'll be taking a look at some of the fellow 'shipmates' off Danielson's "Ships" project.
Since I've been listening to Danielson's "Ships" in heavy rotation over this past weekend, thought we explore some of the other cast members involved. I maybe familiar with some of the 'shipmates' and some, I may not even the faintest with that, it should be interesting.
So first stop. Half-Handed Cloud aka John Ringhofer.

current release: Halos And Lassos (2006)

To stream some music, visit My Space: Half-Handed Cloud.

official site: Half Handed Cloud
Sounds Familyre: Half-Handed Cloud

Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's Brew | Belle & Sebastian

From the album "The Life Pursuit":

Real: Belle & Sebastian- "The Blues Are Still Blue"

official site: Belle & Sebastian

My previous entry about these guys ovah here and here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nightcap Brew | Rauschenberg

(now for a non-related music entry)


05.21.06 - 09.04.06

The exhibit officially opens this Sunday, May 21st.

The exhibition features more than 70 key Combines created between 1954–1964, an exceptionally productive period in Robert Rauschenberg’s career.

For more info: MOCA: Rauschenberg | Combine

These so-called "Combine Paintings" ultimately came to include such theretofore un-painterly objects as a stuffed goat and the artist's own bedquilt, breaking down traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture, and reportedly prompting one Abstract Expressionist painter to remark, "If this is Modern Art, then I quit!" Rauschenberg's Combines provided inspiration for a generation of artists seeking alternatives to traditional artistic media.
(text source from wikipedia)

And if you don't know who Rauschenberg is,
here's a quick primer from Wikipedia: Robert Rauschenberg

Second Cup | Spank Rock Vid

I recall seeing Spank Rock open for M.I.A. when he was in town, glad to see he's doing pretty well on his own.

QT: Spank Rock- "Sweet Talk"

Upcoming Show to L.A.:
@ Spaceland on June 11 (Sunday)

mp3: Spank Rock- "Rick Rubin"
(not the complete song, just a nice sample bite)

official site: Spank Rock
My Space: Spank Rock

Allegedly the UK artist MIA has been banned from the US.
You Ain't No Picasso wrote a quick blurb about that.

Today's Brew | Thom Yorke

Radiohead won't be releasing a new album this year, as many were hoping, but will be touring this summer.
Instead Thom Yorke reunites with producer Nigel Godrich in his solo album to be released this summer.

official site: Thom Yorke- Eraser site

‘The Eraser’ on XL Recordings drops on July 10 (UK) / July 11 (US). .
The track listing for the album as follows:
the eraser
the clock
black swan
skip divided
atoms for peace
and it rained all night
harrowdown hill
cymbal rush

Some material recorded a couple years back at The Bridge School--
A nice little appetizer of things to come.
YouSend: Thom Yorke- "After the Gold Rush (Neil Young Cover)- Live @ The Bridge School-2002" (for a limited time)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Second Cup | Online Games

Some amusing time-wastin' interactive games by some bands you might know:


Just in time for the NBA Finals--

Game: Built To Spill Jams

Kids with Guns, Kids with Guns--

Game: Gorillaz- Shooting Range

Today's Brew | Massive Attack

Hollywood Bowl: Massive Attack with TV on the Radio- September 24

YouSend: Massive Attack- "Angel (Blur remix)" (for a limited time)

Stream the Massive Attack album "Collected" here.
(just click on music player, also you can stream their other albums as well)

official site: Massive Attack

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

re: 1988

About 20 years ago, a band called the Pixies appeared on the vast music landscape from a place we call Beantown (Boston, MA). Yesterday, I wrote an entry about their film here. And that led me to revisit one of their albums.

One of my favorite albums by the Pixies is "Surfer Rosa". Since I lack the time and patience to write a full article about this and also my mind is a bit discombabulated from the day's activities. I leave you with a credible source in music, I'm not referring to Pitchfork, but AMG.

Heather Phares, from AMG, best describes this album as:
In a year that included landmark albums from contemporaries like Throwing Muses, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine, the Pixies managed to turn in one of 1988's most striking, distinctive records. Surfer Rosa may not be the group's most accessible work, but it is one of their most compelling.

From the album "Surfer Rosa":
YouSend: Pixies- "Cactus"(for a limited time)

It wasn't my intent to repeat the same year as last week, but whadda ya know, I am...haha.

Last week's "re:" entry ovah here.

Today's Brew | The Walkmen

From: NY
Formed: circa 2000

From their album "A Hundred Miles Off" (release date: May 23):
YouSend: The Walkmen- "Another One Goes By" (for a limited time)

I thought when I heard the song by the Walkmen "Another One Goes By" that it was strangely familiar, like deja vu, that I've heard the song before somewhere.
Sure enough it was an original song by Mazarin (written by Quentin Stoltzfus).

From their album "We're Already There" (2005):
mp3: Mazarin- "Another One Goes By"

My previous entry about Mazarin, ovah here.

Mazarin will be touring with The Walkmen.

official site: The Walkmen
My Space: The Walkmen

Their tour schedule, check it out ovah here.
For those in Southern Cali, they will be at Pomona on June 14 at the Glass House and at the El Rey on June 15. They kick their tour off at Webster Hall on May 24th.

Buy their album ovah here.

Monday, May 15, 2006


If you haven't heard already, MTV is planning to release their version of itunes, using the Windows Media Player platform.

Read the article by the Washington Post: MTV launches Online Music, Video Store.

official site: Urge

Second Cup | loudQUIETloud

Damnit! I missed the AFI Rock Documentary Film Festival at the Arclight that just ended last week.
One of the films featured was:

From the 2006 SXSW Movie Trailers:
QT: loudQUIETloud Trailer

The official site has some future screenings coming up in different parts of the US this summer.

official site: loudQUIETloud

Today's Brew | Grandaddy

from their latest, and last album "Just Like the Fambly Cat":
QT: Grandaddy- "Where I'm Anymore"

I love their credits page which includes these words:
"May your journey end with a giant bowl of bibimbap."

For those who have no clue of what a bibimbap is, nor tasted the goodness of one, I direct you to wikipedia.
Wikipedia: Bibimbap

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Brew | Wolf Parade/ Sunset Rubdown

QT: Wolf Parade- "I'll Believe in Anything"

I'm really diggin' the music of Sunset Rubdown.

YouSend: Sunset Rubdown- "I'll Believe in Anything, You'll Believe in Anything (Piano Version)"

I mentioned Sunset Rubdown earlier this week right ovah here.