Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nightcap Brew | Rauschenberg

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05.21.06 - 09.04.06

The exhibit officially opens this Sunday, May 21st.

The exhibition features more than 70 key Combines created between 1954–1964, an exceptionally productive period in Robert Rauschenberg’s career.

For more info: MOCA: Rauschenberg | Combine

These so-called "Combine Paintings" ultimately came to include such theretofore un-painterly objects as a stuffed goat and the artist's own bedquilt, breaking down traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture, and reportedly prompting one Abstract Expressionist painter to remark, "If this is Modern Art, then I quit!" Rauschenberg's Combines provided inspiration for a generation of artists seeking alternatives to traditional artistic media.
(text source from wikipedia)

And if you don't know who Rauschenberg is,
here's a quick primer from Wikipedia: Robert Rauschenberg


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