Monday, July 31, 2006

Today's Brew | M. Ward

From the forthcoming album "Post War"(release date: August 22):
YouSend: M. Ward- "Chinese Translation" (for a limited time)

official site: M. Ward
Sept 28 - Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre (w/ Mike Watt)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Today's Brew | White Whale

From: Lawrence, Kansas
current release: WWI
-group consist of Matt Suggs (Butterglory), Rob Pope (The Get Up Kids), and members of Thee Higher Burning Fire

mp3 download: White Whale- "The Admiral"(courtesy of insound)

official site: White Whale
My Space: White Whale

In LA: Sep 12 2006 | Spaceland

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today's Brew | Ladyhawk

I'm not referring to the movie, but the band from Vancouver...

From their self titled album:
mp3: Ladyhawk- "The Dugout"

Yet to be released, 6-song series of songs recorded spontaneously in various states of consciousness:
mp3: Ladyhawk- "War"

official site: Ladyhawk
My Space: Ladyhawk

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Late Night Brew | the Book Eaters

August 23, 2006
The Beacon Theater
New York, NY
Jon Stewart Sufjan Stevens David Byrne Dave Eggers Sarah Vowell John Roderick (of The Long Winters)
Host: John Hodgman

August 24, 2006
Park West
Chicago, IL
Ben Gibbard Dave Eggers ZZ Packer John Roderick (of The Long Winters) Host: Ira Glass

August 26, 2006
Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA
Jenny Lewis Aimee Mann Dave Eggers Sarah Vowell The Mountain Goats
Host: Andy Richter

official site: Book Eaters Org

Today's Brew | Emily Haines

I keep telling you, this is the year of solos, so first we had Stars' Amy Millan release her own solo album, and now we have Metric's Emily Haines with her own. From reading on her My Space, "Knives Don't Have Your Back" was written and recorded in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and New York over the last four years, and features contributors including Sparklehorse's Scott Minor, Broken Social Scene's Justin Peroff, Stars' Evan Cranley, and Metric's Jimmy Shaw.

From Metric's album "Live it out" (2005):
QT: Metric- "Poster of a Girl"

official site: Emily Haines
My Space: Emily Haines

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

re: 1992

Today being Tuesday, we continue our ongoing series of "re:", as we look back at a designated year, and profile albums that could otherwise be considered noteworthy, at least in my book. And since I started the first entry of the day off with the domestic release of the Swedish band, The Knife's "Silent Shout"...thought I go Swedish today with another.

Back in the early 90's, Acid House Kings consisted of a trio. Singer/guitarist Niklas Angergård, his bassist brother Johan and guitarist Joakim Ödlund formed the Swedish twee-pop trio Acid House Kings in 1991. A year later, they released their first full length LP "Pop, Look & Listen!". That year was 1992.

The album is now virtually out of good luck finding a copy, but if you do, its quite a gem to have.

It would be 5 years later that Julia Lannerheim would appear as first a guest vocalist and then join as a member of the Acid House Kings.

YouSend: Acid House Kings- "Say Yes" (for a limited time)

As some may already know, they are one of my favorites, as I've posted previous entries about them...and my recent entry is ovah here.
The band has definitely left a mark in the Swedish music scene...

Previous entry of "re:" ovah here.

Today's Brew | The Knife

One of my favorite albums this year makes its domestic release here in the US, today!

Silent Shout
original release date: March 7th
US release date: July 25th
YouSend: The Knife- "Silent Shout" (for a limited time)

WinMed: The Knife- "We Share Our Mother's Health"
The video is animated by Motomichi Nakamura

Swedish siblings Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson
official site: The Knife

Buy the album ovah here.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Second Cup | The Post -Beta Band Era

There is still life after the demise of The Beta Band.
Probably one of the most interesting bands to go relatively unnoticed to the masses.

(picture of the Aliens)

Stream some songs by My Space: The Aliens
The Beta Band's Drummer Robin Jones and DJ Sampler John Maclean trek off with Lone Pigeon's Gordon Anderson to start The Aliens.

Richard Greentree (former bass player with The Beta Band) has a new band called The General And Duchess Collins.
Stream some songs by My Space: The General And Duchess Collins

Vocalist Steve Mason started King Biscuit Time.
Stream some songs by My Space: King Biscuit Time

official site: The Aliens

Today's Brew | Silversun Pickups "Carnavas"

The much anticipated album "Carnavas", their follow up to the 2005 release "Pikul" drops on Tuesday, July 25. The album has been in heavy rotation personally, and the more I listen to it, I'm drawn to different elements of the album by L.A.'s very own- SSPU.
One of my favorite tracks is "Lazy Eye", and a real strong contender as the song of the year.
YouSend: Silversun Pickups- "Lazy Eye" (KEXP Live Performance) *for a limited time*
For their full performance at KEXP from September 2005, visit here.

My previous entry about them ovah here.

Buy the album ovah here.

Also they will be at the Troubadour (Hollywood, CA) on August 17th.

official site: Silversun Pickups

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Brew | American Hardcore

Growing up in Southern California, especially during the early to mid 80s, among the whole beach culture of surfers and skaters (yes, I grew up as a beach kid), one of the driving forces would arguably been the music featured in this film.

Coming soon to selected theatres.
Trailer: American Hardcore

official site: American Hardcore

Friday, July 21, 2006

Today's Brew | MOCA Nightvisions: The Like

If you haven't caught the MOCA exhibit of's still happening, also Saturdays ---extended hours, so they're open til at least midnight.
My previous entry about it ovah here.

You may Like 'em or not Like 'em....okay, that was bad.

The Like

My Space: The Like

I'm still kicking myself for missing Cut Chemist last week at MOCA.

MOCA: Nightvision

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today's Brew | The Raconteurs

The boys are in town for two nights here in the city of Angels, as they rock out at the Wiltern...tonight!
A few weeks back, they made a previous in-store performance at Amoeba Music (Hollywood).

From their album "Broken Boy Soldier":
YouSend: The Raconteurs- "Broken Boy Soldier" (for a limited time)
Buy the album ovah here.

official site: The Raconteurs

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Late Night Brew | Camera Obscura

They were on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Stream their performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic, earlier today:
Real: KCRW- Camera Obscura

official site: Camera Obscura
My Space: Camera Obscura

Today's Brew | Frida Hyvonen

I admit I have a thing for the Swedish music scene, especially recently, with a bit of an explosion in the whole nordic music scene. So when I heard about Frida, well, I couldn't resist.

From her album "'Until Death Comes'":
mp3: Frida Hyvonen -"You Never Got Me Right"
She's currently on tour with fellow Swede and label mate Jens Lekman...
official site: Frida Hyvonen
My Space: Friday Hyvonen

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today's Brew | Thom Yorke on IFC...part 2

Another video clip of Thom Yorke's performance on the Henry Rollins Show.
Also, Thom Yorke's album "The Eraser" is nominated for this year's Brits Nationwide Mercury Prize.
YouTube- Thom Yorke- "Cymbal Rush":

re: 1990

As we continue the 're:' series...

the album: "Nowhere"
release date: 1990
notable songs: Kaleidoscope, Vapour Trail

"Nowhere seems to hold consensus as the second-best record of the shoegaze era, and with very good reason. All of the common words, phrases, and adjectives commonly used with the short-lived subgenre fit properly here, and they're all positive, every one of them. Whir, whoosh, haze, swirl, ad nauseum -- this record holds all of these elements at their most exciting and mastered. But in the end, great pop records necessitate quality songs, which Nowhere delivers throughout..."
(by Andy Kellman, AMG)

formed: 1988
disbanded: 1996
from: Oxfordshire, England
The band consisted of guitarist/vocalist Andy Bell, vocalist/guitarist Mark Gardener, bassist Stephan Queralt, and drummer Loz Colbert.

YouTube: Ride- "Vapour Trail"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Late Night Brew | Feist

"Open Season" by Feist was released as an import back in mid April, and finally gets a domestic release here in the good ole' US of A. The album drops tomorrow (July 18). Features a handful of remixes of "Mushaboom" and "Gatekeeper", and a few collaborations. I don't know about you, but the whole remix thing can get a bit overdone. The most interesting part of this album are the collaborations with Gonzales and with Jane Birkin. Also I wished I heard more new material, for example, my favorite track off the album is:
YouSend: Feist- "Tout Doucement"

Speaking of French, Feist contributed to the main theme song for this French film that received some recognition.

Watch the movie trailer - official site: Paris je t'aime.
Leslie Feist (main theme song "La Même Histoire")

Buy "Open Season" ovah here.

official site: Feist

Today's Brew | French Kicks

The new album "Two Thousand" drops on Tuesday (July 18).
Visit their MySpace for to stream some of their new songs off the album.

From their album "Two Thousand":
YouSend: French Kicks- "So Far We Are" (for a limited time)

Currently on tour with the band Phoenix...They make their way to the West Coast in Mid-August.

official site: French Kicks
MySpace: French Kicks

UPDATE: Well, whadda ya know, Daytrotter Sessions- this week features French Kicks, for some free songs ovah here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Today's Brew | The Dears

They're back, whether you like em or not. They're about to release their follow up to "No Cities Left" with some switch-ups in the band and a new record label.

Stream the song "Whites Only Party" from their forthcoming album "Gang of Losers" at My Space: The Dears

Also: Check out The Dears album preview by Obscure Sound.

From their album "No Cities Left" (2004):
mp3 download: The Dears- "We Can Have It"
(courtesy of Insound)

official site: The Dears

Thursday, July 13, 2006

US vs John Lennon

A timely film. I think we can learn something from this guy.
Coming soon to a theatre near you.

(some screenshots from the trailer)

QT trailer: The US vs John Lennon
official movie site: the US vs John Lennon
(sorta tries to imitate the Drudge Report site)

Late Night Brew | The Curtains

So before Chris Cohen (Deerhoof's former bassist/guitarist) got involved with Deerhoof, he was in a ditty band called The Curtains. And a couple of months back, he called it quits with Deerhoof, and left the band with good terms to pursue the music he always wanted to do.
Asthmatic Kitty record label is about to release the Curtains new album "Calamity".
Damnit!!! I'm promoting Asthmatic Kitty too much, this week. What's wrong with me?? Must be the crazy hot weather we've been gettin'.
Anyways, they plan to tour with Final Fantasy this fall.

mp3: The Curtains- "World's Most Dangerous Woman"

official site: The Curtains
My Space: The Curtains

Today's Brew | Midlake

From: Denton, TX
Formed: 2000

I'm really diggin' this song by Midlake. The vid is beautifully shot as well.

From their current album "Trials of Van Occupanther":
QT: Midlake- "Young Bride"

Midlake's "The Trials of Van Occupanther" is Gorilla vs. Bear's favorite album so far this year.
mp3: Midlake- "Roscoe"

official site: Midlake
My Space: Midlake

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Second Cup | Thom Yorke on IFC

If you haven't already caught this, check it while its still online.

YouTube- Thom Yorke- "The Clock" (on the Henry Rollins Show- IFC):

or check it out ovah IFC uncut: Thom Yorke- "The Clock"

Today's Brew | My Brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond is Shara Worden, granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist, fathered by a National Accordion Champion, and mothered by a church organist. An interesting upbringing to say the least.
Like Sufjan, she's quite an amazing songwriter and the songs from what I've heard so far are beautifully crafted, and I look forward to hearing more about her in the coming weeks.

Visit Asthmatic Kitty: My Brightest Diamond to listen to one of her songs...

Coming to LA:
August 03 - Los Angeles - The Echo
She'll also be on tour to support of fellow record label mate and friend- Sufjan Stevens, so catch her then as well.

official site: My Brightest Diamond
My Space: My Brightest Diamond

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RIP: Syd Barrett (1946-2006)

He was 60. His real name Roger Barrett.
One of the co-founders of the band Pink Floyd in their early years.
The other members of Pink Floyd recorded the album "Wish You Were Here" as a tribute to their troubled bandmate.

YouTube- Pink Floyd- "Wish You Were Here" (From Live8):

re: 2002

Among the many notable album releases today, we have the reissue of most of the albums by The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Reissue Series
"Psychocandy" (1985)
"Darklands" (1987)
"Automatic" (1989)
"Honey's Dead" (1992)
"Stoned & Dethroned" (1994)

Although they are dual discs, and you can either love or hate the concept of the dualdisc. Or if you want a little bit of everything they did, a few years back, Rhino released the album "21 Singles".
An impressive compilation of the band's music from 1984 to 1998.

"Again, Psychocandy remains their masterpiece, but for a summation of their entire career this is first-rate, giving all their best on one collection that is essential for any post-punk or alt-rock library." (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG)

YouTube- The Jesus & the Mary Chain- "Some Candy Talking":

Buy the album ovah here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Today's Brew | Punk: Attitude

A film by Don Letts.
"Even before cofounding the group Big Audio Dynamite, Don Letts gained notoriety in the late '70s as the DJ that singlehandedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae." (text from Punk: Attitude site)
Released: 2005

I watched this documentary over the weekend on good ole Sundance channel.
Quite an informative and insightful look at some of punk's prolific beginnings.

Trailer (QT): Punk: Attitude
official site- Punk: Attitude

Buy the dvd ovah here.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Today's Brew | Sufjan Stevens

It's old news, but I'm sure you've heard tidbits of this album from other music blog sites, but I thought I finally post an entry since the album officially drops this Tuesday (July 11th), the same day that Thom Yorke's album "The Eraser" hits the stores.

I've only listened to a handful of songs from the ambitious 21 tracks of Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois album: appropriately called The Avalance.
Now 21 tracks, it may sound a bit daunting. I mean come on thats alot of outtakes and extras there, enough to keep everyone happy til Sufjan releases his next album about whatever State he tends to tackle next. The songs are beautifully written whether they were finished, not finished, edited, unedited...I'll wait with you all with heavy anticipation to hear the rest of the album this Tuesday.

Also, Gorilla vs Bear thinks and hopes that Sufjan might be at this year's ACL (Austin City Limits).

From the album "The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album":
YouSend: Sufjan Stevens- "Perpetual Self" (for a limited time)

Buy the album ovah here.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Late Afternoon Brew | Bishop Allen - June EP

Here's their next installment of Bishop Allen's 2006 EP-a-month Project.

mp3: Bishop Allen- "The Same Fire"

Some previous entries on the EP project:
May EP
April EP

Can't wait for the music, download their EP by buying it ovah here.

official site: Bishop Allen

Second Cup | Nous Non Plus

As a tribute to the French possibly taking the World Cup...if anything they kick ass in making some interesting music.

Nous Non Plus (meaning “We neither,” and/or also “Neither do we,” as well as, literally, “Us No More”) is composed of former members of the Paris-by-way-of-New York band, Les Sans Culottes. (text from their site)

QT: Nous Non Plus- "Sauvages"

official site: Nous Non Plus
My Space: Nous Non Plus
blog site: Nous Non Plus
current tour dates: US

Today's Brew | Tilly & the Wall

Tilly and the Wall come to town for a show at the Troubadour tonight (7/6), and if you missed that one, they also play out in Pomona at the Glasshouse, the next night (July 7th).

From their current release "Bottoms of Barrels":

QT: Tilly & The Wall- "Bad Education"

official site: Tilly and the Wall

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today's Double Brew | Jarvis Cocker + TVOTR

If we could keep a track record of the many solo albums that have and will be released this year, I'd say this is definitely the year for solo ventures. This includes solo acts who are in bands that are either active or inactive.
Another one to add to the list is Jarvis Cocker, mostly known to many from the Britpop band Pulp.
He also contributed a song with the help of some of the members of Radiohead for the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from last year.

Stream the song at My Space: Jarvis Cocker

From Pulp's album "His 'n' Hers" (1994):

TV on the Radio has some videos (courtesy of YouTube) for you to view on their site while its getting a makeover.

And check out Pitchfork's review of "Return to Cookie Mountain", it received a big fat 9.1.
I still think this album is a strong contender to be the album of the year, at least in my book.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Late Night Brew | Guillemots

So Guillemots are riding on the success of their previous album "From the cliffs" that came out back in March this past year.
Now they've moved up to a new record label- Universal.
Also they got a new website coming soon with a spiffy lookin' temporary site to promote the release of their new album, that is due out this month as an import, July 10 (UK release) and a later date for a US release.

the album tracks include:

1. Little Bear
2. Made Up Love Song #43
3. Trains To Brazil
4. Redwings
5. Samba Through The Snowy Rain
6. Through The Windowpane
7. If The World Ends
8. We're Here
9. Blue Would Still Be Blue
10. Annie Let's Not Wait
11. And If All
12. Sao Paulo
13. Trains To Brazil
14. We're Here
15. Made Up Love Song #43

WinMed: Guillemots- "Made-Up Lovesong #43"
And if that doesn't work, cuz they are now under the Universal record label, go visit here.

official site: Guillemots