Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Second Cup | Exploding Star Orchestra

Here's another release on January 23rd.

The orchestra is directed by Rob Mazurek. The group was formed to represent a "contemporary/ avante garde side of sound in jazz" for a concert back in 2005 in Chicago.
Their album is entitled "We Are All From Somewhere Else". Sounds a bit esoteric, but there is a concept behind this album.
We Are All From Somewhere Else is comprised of 3 distinct sections, and corresponds to a story involving an exploding star, cosmic transformation, a sting ray, the travels of the sting ray, intelligent conversations with electric eels, the destructive power of humans, the death and ascension of sting ray, the transformation of sting ray ghost to flying bird, and the transformation of bird to phoenix to rocket to flying burning matter to a new-born star. (text courtesy of thrill jockey)
Stream the music at their My Space.

My Space: Exploding Star Orchestra


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