Thursday, December 21, 2006

Buzzin '07 | Day Four

Now hearing from some folks who were fortunate to catch LA Weekly's Detour this past year mentioned that chk chk chk (!!!) was one of the highlights of that evening. They actually played their new material and even jokingly mentioned that although the album won't be out, that there's a good chance that the album will leak way before that on the internet.
It's their highly anticipated follow up from their 2004 release Louden Up Now that I'd list this album as someting to keep your eye on.

Myth Takes
March 4, 2007

the new album track list includes:
Myth Takes / All My Heroes Are Weirdos / Must Be The Moon / A New Name / Heart Of Hearts / Sweet Life / Yadnus / Bend Over Beethoven / Break In Case Of Anything / Infinifold

From their album Louden Up Now (2004):
mp3: !!! (chk chk chk)- "Hello, Is This Thing On?"
(courtesy of Insound)

My Space: chk chk chk
official site: chk chk chk


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