Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Buzzin' '07 | Day Two

My next pick for early 07 to watch is the new album from: Deerhoof. Loved their 2005 releases of "Runner Four" and "Green Cosmos". Their new album Friend Opportunity drops on January 23rd.

mp3:Deerhoof- "Plus 81"
(courtesy of MySpace)

From their 2005 EP Green Cosmos:
mp3:Deerhoof- "Green Cosmos"
(YouSend: for a limited time only)

By the way check out P'forkins Top 100 tracks and their Top 50 Albums of this year. I reserve my own opinions on Pitchfork, but once in awhile, they do write or put some interesting things. Like their little gift, new track from the forthcoming Friend Opportunity LP is definitely something to look forward to, but its also available ovah at their My Space site.

official site: Deerhoof
My Space: Deerhoof


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