Friday, December 29, 2006

Best of 2006: Music found on YouTube

We close out the year with the massive blow up of the YouTube phenomena.
It drastically changed the online experience, as it also affected the way we saw and shared music visually. Love it or hate it.

We now are able to access to concert footage (quality varied), broadcast footages, and actual music videos (slipped through the eyes of big record label attorneys) that might have slipped through under the radar.

Here's what I found, and I'm sure there's alot out there I've missed:

Cat Power "The Greatest"

Asobi Seksu "Thursday" @ Joe's Pub

Band of Horses "Funeral"

Grizzly Bear "Knife (Acapella in Paris)"

Spinto Band "Oh Mandy (in Paris)"

The Knife- Interview (if you know their native language)

Beirut- "Elephant Gun" (at the Troubadour)


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