Friday, December 22, 2006

Buzzin' 07 | Day Five

I've posted multiple entries about these guys, but I think with the addition of a new drummer, and not to say that Gena Olivier did a great job as a lead vocalist and drummer. She can now focus as a lead vocalist, although I've heard she does switch ups with the drummer now and then.
Also, they made their trek to Seattle to work with Steve Fisk (Screaming Tree, Nirvana and Soundgarden) and record at Robert Lang's Studio (Death Cab For Cutie, Pretty Girls Make Graves).

Lion the Girl (2007)
sometime in March.

A notable entry about them this past year ovah here.

Video: Midnight Movies- "Patient Eye"


Blogger indie mom said...

I saw Midnight Movies live last weekend and they were great. Their drummer was excellent (although Gena did drum on a couple of tracks). The band were awesome and autographed their Patient Eye single for me after the show. See here for my review.

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