Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today's Brew | "Blog-Hoppin'"

I thought this would be a fun exercise-- and maybe I'll add a few more entries later.
But for now, enjoy!

-When you thought the endless lists were over, Good Weather For Airstrikes offers up his Best of 2006: Top 50 Vids
-For those who made a new year's resolution to be more organized, I Guess I'm Floating has an entry about iConcertCal.
-Broken West stop by for an acoustic set at The Aquarium Drunkard Show this afternoon on Little Radio (2pm PST).
-Wolfnote (aka Good Hodgkins) shares with us the low level Parsefork: The Complete Unnecessary Music Review Aggregator.
-JunkMedia has an insightful article about the recent TimesTalk Sessions in NY where Horatio Silva sits down with Rufus Wainwright for an Inside the Actor's Studiosque interview. Check the article out ovah here.
-LA Weekly has an article about The Gospel According to Cee-Lo.


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