Monday, January 22, 2007

Evening Brew | Coachella

If you haven't already heard...the news is finally out for this year's Coachella.
Coachella returns with its all to familiar formulaic brand of three nights filled to satisfy all-- your typical big band reunions, some top shelf "indie" bands, and then the buzz bands that I'm sure the peeps at Coachella have been doing their homework on.

The Reunion List:
The Jesus and Mary Chain- 1984-1999
YouTube: The Jesus and Mary Chain- "Just Like Honey"

Crowded House- 1985-1996
Happy Mondays- 1985-1992
Rage Against The Machine- 1991-2000

Okay, I was once a RHCP's fan, but I almost envision them becoming our generation's version of the Rolling that's a scary thought.

And, they've got Willie!


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