Friday, January 19, 2007

Today's Brew | Deerhoofffffffff

Okay, Deerhoof's new album "Friend Opportunity" is also part of this whole 1/23 conspiracy. You know the day when a bunch of notable releases drop suddenly and hordes of mobbing consumers run frantically to their local record store...but then you realize that was just a dream. The real scenario would be, finding various ways and means to get a copy of the album such as:
1. via net (lots of music bloggers out there, ya know).
2. from your buddy who seems to find albums prior to their official releases. (a closet music blogger?)
3. at your work, if your fortunate to have itunes, and within itunes sharing your able to find ways to rip a copy off someone who possibly has a copy of the album.

But if all fails, and by chance you are unable to wait for for its official release and your willing to dish out 9.99, itunes has it available. And if you like Deerhoof like we do, you're in for a treat.

On their site, Deerhoof has this rather cryptic message under their News section:
Ignum. Pullulo edo Lugo in lex Edoctus capio concedo ictus, ego sic magnificabiliter Retribuo an Laurus penitus, refero abeo os ile ferito nam De ora Personam Strepitus carina Refero Optatus arma texo arca Dilgenter ferox Luxuria. Sus penna Sono Proelium pario has Viduitas Sordes suborior, hic ira quis Perago tu Ops ratio, rufus ut Simul Sperno rixa mos turbo lucus Mortifera veles Chalybs imperit.

Shhh...but don't tell P-folk this, but I think they are possibly "Christians" too.

There is a theory on the song "+81", that was proposed by my friend Gary. He thinks the song was actually inspired by a japanese zine called the same name...check it out here.

mp3: Deerhoof- "+81"


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