Thursday, January 18, 2007

Second Cup | Menomena

Just highlighting once again the big first wave of releases set on 1/23.

The P-folks (my new term for Pitchfork) have given the album a big phat glowing review with a rating of 8.5 and classifies it as being the best new music flavor of the month (that is if another album is able to top that.)
Some of the past albums reviewed by P-folk categorized as best new music have been questionable to say the least, but that's a different topic in itself. But for this particular album I'll concur with the P'Folk on this.
Also if you haven't visited their website, holy shite, the site is sheer brilliance.
Be sure to check out the Radness.

I highly recommend you check out their very first music's beautifully shot.

(you can't tell on this screenshot, but its a figure composed of trashbags doing the michael jordan jump as it tosses a bag of trash, neatly wrapped.)

Menomena- "Coughing Coughing"
directed by Jonnie Ross

My previous entry about them ovah here.


Anonymous kylie said...

i likey the new one! but i think my fave song is still "shirt". or maybe muscle'n flo.

3:26 PM  

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