Monday, January 29, 2007

Today's Brew | BBC: Eno + Daytrotter: The Elected

BBC Radio 4's Front Row program interviews Brian Eno as he discusses his current art show as being a "secular religious" experience, and his position as an "evangelical atheist".
His thoughts on music as he calls this the "Digestive Period" in music.
His thoughts on music today:
"I hear too many versions of Talking Heads...nearly all bands, guitar bands, trace their roots to the Talking Heads."
Brian Eno will be producing the next Coldplay album, and he assures us that the sound will be very different from what they've done in the past, and also that they will not sound like the Talking Heads. Perhaps the best move that Coldplay ever made in their whole career.
BBC: Radio Player (Interview starts in 5 minutes in)

Daytrotter offers up The Elected stop by for the Monday edition of the Daytrotter sessions this week.
Daytrotter Session: The Elected
And be sure to check out Grizzly Bear: Lasso'd.


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