Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today's Brew | Sonic Youth

The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities
Album release: December 12th

The Destroyed Room is the last album that's part of Sonic Youth's current contract with Geffen. Bassist/vocalist Kim Gordon doesn't seem optimistic about continuing with Geffen, according to a recent interview she gave to

"I don't really think they want us to stay," she said. "They fired a few key people working on [2006 album Rather Ripped] a week before it came out.

(courtesy of Chartattack)


1. Fire Engine Dream - Sonic Nurse outtake, previously unreleased
2. Fauxhemians - All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1
3. Is It My Body? - Alice Cooper Tribute
4. Razor Blade - Bull in the Heather B-side
5. Blink - Pola X soundtrack
6. Campfire - At Home With the Groovebox
7. Loop Cat - You Can Never Go Fast Enough
8. Kim's Chords - Sonic Nurse Japan edition
9. Beautiful Plateau - Sonic Nurse Japan edition
10. Three Part Sectional Love Seat - The Noho Furniture Sessions previously unreleased
11. Queen Anne Chair - The Noho Furniture Sessions previously unreleased
12. The Diamond Sea - Washing Machine LP version

Stream a couple of the tracks ovah at their My Space:
MySpace: Sonic Youth

Preorder the album ovah here.


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