Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's Brew | Troubadour: The Wrens

This past Friday night, I checked out The Wrens show over at the Troubadour.
Asobi Seksu were there as well. Much tighter set then the last time I had seen them, which was over a year ago. As I mentioned previously, I haven't really followed The Wrens, regretfully, and never really caught them live either. But after watching their show, I had a renewed interest for these guys. Although the show wasn't sold out, The Wrens were backed by some very devoted fans that really made the show very special.

(photos courtesy of cindy c)

asobi seksu

the wrens

the wrens
From their album Abbott 1135:
mp3: The Wrens- "I Guess We're Done"
(courtesy of the wrens)

YouTube: The Wrens- "Everyone Chooses Sides"

My previous entry about them ovah here.


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