Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's Brew | The Wrens

The Wrens are in town tonight at the Troubadour with Asobi Seksu.
I've written plenty of entries about Asobi Seksu, and I've seen them perform once before. Check out my past entries about them ovah here. I thought, its about time for me to write up something about these guys. It'll be an interesting treat to catch The Wrens, since it'll be my first time catching them even as they've been around for some time.

Apparently there's a documentary currently being made by Kathyrn Yu and Co. about The Wrens. They have a blog.
Little Quill Productions.

From their album Meadowlands (2003):
mp3: The Wrens- "Everybody Choose Sides"
(courtesy of the Wrens site)
mp3: The Wrens-"She Sends Kisses
(courtesy of MySpace)

Official site: The Wrens
My Space: The Wrens


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