Thursday, November 30, 2006

Today's Brew | Joanna Newsom

She's in town tonight for a show over at the El Rey Theatre.
Unfortunately, yours truly won't be attending, and regrettably so.
And if you want a sneak peek of how the show will be, check out Pitchfork's review of the show ovah here.

mp3: Joanna Newsom- "Monkey & Bear"
(YouSend: for a limited time only)

In talking about her current album Ys that's been getting rave reviews (and I like it too):
"I don't really even consider it a concept album, even if it does have some unifying aesthetic choices that make it really different from the first record. It's the product of a series of very small decisions, as opposed to sitting down like, "I want to do this record with long songs and huge orchestral presences." Basically I wanted to undertake the task of writing songs about a particular year of my life. Not the task of telling that story in a linear way, or in any way that would make the story explicitly knowable to a listener, but rather, to tell the story to myself." (Joanna Newsom, excerpt taken from Pitchfork's Interview)

Read more of the Pitchfork's Interview with Joanna Newsom ovah here.


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