Friday, February 02, 2007

Today's Brew | Peter Bjorn + John

Peter Bjorn + John are in LA for a two day show, they played a soldout show at the Roxy last night, and will be playing this evening at an in-store performance at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach. The show is a wristband event, and reserved for those who pre-ordered a copy of the domestic release of "Writer's Block". Unfortunately I won't be attending, which I was really looking forward t going, but due to conflict in schedule, I have a couple of friends who will be. Hopefully, we'll have some pictures to share, and a review of the show.

(PB + J with Victoria on Conan O' Brien)

mp3: Peter, Bjorn + John- "Up Against The Wall"
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official site: Peter Bjorn and John
My Space: Peter Bjorn and John


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