Monday, December 04, 2006

Second Cup | William Elliott Whitmore

I was first introduced to William Elliott Whitmore by Sean Moeller from Daytrotter a couple of months back. Quite an amazing storyteller and perhaps an artist that will easily slip by under one's radar.

This week, the fine folks over at Daytrotter offer up this week's session with William Elliott Whitmore.
mp3: William Elliott Whitmore- "Dry"
(courtesy of daytrotter sessions)
To hear more, visit Daytrotter:
Daytrotter: William Elliott Whitmore

And be sure to read a nice entry about W.E. Whitmore along with an interview with him, if you're not familiar with his music ovah here.

Daytrotter's Sean Moeller as our guest blogger wrote about W.E. Whitmore ovah here.


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