Monday, April 17, 2006

Second Cup | Liars

The album is definitely gettin' some attention among fellow peers. It's certainly one of the most interesting albums out right now, and its not really for everyone either.

From Dead Air Space (radiohead):
Sun, 16 April
happy easter
liars >drums not dead
berlin must be a good place to work


From Completely Surrounded By No Trees (TV On The Radio):
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
earth to people: love is the ultimate truth at the heart of existence. treat eachother with care. to be cynical is no longer useful and wildly irresponsible. please, be here now. -tenderpants

god bless the liars. drums not dead. xxxooo

(for a limited time)
YouSend: Liars- "It Fit When I Was a Kid"

My previous entry about these guys ovah here.
official site: Liars


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