Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today's Brew | Radio Dept.

from: Malmo, Sweden
formed: 1995
type of music: Shoegaze influence

From their forthcoming album "Pet Grief":
release date: April 12, 2006 | possible different US release date

mp3: Radio Dept.- "The Worst Taste in Music"

Real: Radio Dept.- "The Worst Taste in Music"

From their EP album "Pulling Our Weight" (2005):
mp3: Radio Dept.- "Pulling Our Weight"

From their album "Lesser Matters" (2003):
mp3: Radio Dept.- "Why Won't You Talk About It"

My Space: Radio Dept.

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Some other noteworthy releases this week:
The Charlatans UK- Simpatico (April 10 | US release -May 2)- buy it here.
Built to Spill- You in Reverse (April 11)- buy it here.
Ladytron- Extended Play (April 11) - buy it here.
Pretty Girls Make Graves- Elan Vital (April 11)- buy it here.

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