Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today's Brew | Bishop Allen

I've been impressed with the album cover art as much as I've enjoyed their music of the past 3 months.
A bunch of other folks have already posted about the March EP, but I figure these guys deserve as much exposure as they can possibly get.

I've mentioned my past problems with the CD being sent.
To alleviate this matter, they've kindly sent an email with these words:
"All EPs from NOW ON, including MARCH, will come in a complete, fold-out package, not just a slender sleeve. The technical name for the new packaging is a "digipak," but the important thing is it's made from 4 pieces of thick cardboard and has a plastic tray for the CD, for extra reinforcement."

mp3: Bishop Allen- "The Monitor"

Support these guys and buy March here.

official site: Bishop Allen
My Space: Bishop Allen


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