Monday, December 26, 2005

Lady Sovereign

from: UK
type of music: British Grime
What is Grime?

Grime is the UK's rap (not rap), syncopated urban music with people rhyming over top. Like Jamaican dancehall, there's an obvious kinship with U.S. hip-hop, but once you start drawing parallels they collapse pretty quickly. Grime is its own culture, with its own codes and laws, slang and dress, sonics and style. But it's also the most accessible (to an international audience) music urban Britain has produced in the last decade. Chopped into song form, steamrolled by MCs, it's been severed for most people from its roots in hardcore, jungle, and UK garage. (by Jess Harvell)

-The US has Crunk, the Brits have the Grime.
-For more info about Brit Grime Movement-- visit Here

-Not to be confused with M.I.A. who falls more under the category of "Bailar Funk"

-Getting back to Lady Sovereign or "Sov" as she calls herself.
current release: Vertically Challenged (2005)
"U.K. teen is Jay-Z's favorite new MC"
-She's only 19, and created a buzz this past year...

YouSend: Lady Sovereign- "Ch-Ching"
YouSend: Lady Sovereign- "Random"


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