Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i tune$...

Just another reason to go out and shop for your music at your local record shop.

Music firms in price-fixing probe
Wednesday Dec 28 06:51 AEDT
(excerpt taken from National Nine News)

In September, Apple Computer Inc CEO Steve Jobs publicly criticised music companies, calling some major labels "greedy" for pushing Apple to hike prices on its popular iTunes service. Recording company executives have scoffed at the suggestion.

In a speech before an investors conference, Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr said that Apple's 99-cent price for single tracks ignores the issue that not all songs are the same commercially and, like any other product, shouldn't be priced the same.

In November, Warner Music agreed to pay $US5 million ($A6.84 million) to settle an investigation into payoffs for radio airplay of artists. In July, Sony BMG agreed to pay $US10 million ($A13.68 million) and stop bribing radio stations to feature artists.

E-commerce News: Big Four Music Studios Subpoenaed in Digital-Music Pricing Probe


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