Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's Brew | The Who

This morning, I wasn't to sure which comeback was bigger, The Who or Jay Z.
Jay Z making a big deal of his "pseudo-retirement" comes out of that as he announced it late last week. But nothing would compare the return of the Who.
There's much to be said about comebacks, but regardless of how it'll ultimately will be received, its worthy of being noted. Especially these guys.
After almost a quarter of a century of being out of the game, their back with a new studio album. Quite a comeback for the duo of Roger Daltrey and Peter Townshend. Although they've reunited several times to perform at various performances and all, their back, at least for now.

From their album "Endless Wire" (release date: October 31):
Stream: The Who- "It's Not Enough" and "Tea & Theatre"


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