Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Brew | Norfolk & Western

from: Portland, OR
current release: "A Gilded Age" EP (April 2006), "Unsung Colony" (October 2006)

Keys, mandolin, theremin, glockenspei, accordion, musical saw, and mellodica are some of the instruments played in this interesting ensemble of a band. No wonder the Decemberists have listed them as one of their bands they adore.

They toured a bit with DeVotchKa earlier this year. Rachel and Adam play in M. Ward's band as well as the other members play in other bands as well.

mp3 download: Norfolk & Western- "Porch Destruction"
(courtesy of My Space Music)

mp3 download: Norfolk & Western- "Clyde and New Orleans"
(courtesy of My Space Music)

official site: Norfolk & Western
My Space: Norfolk & Western


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