Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's Brew | The Roots

The latest album by The Roots dropped yesterday, "Game Theory".

After jumping ship from the Geffen label, The Roots release their first album under the Def Jam label. The album's subject matters are a bit more heavier than their previous material.
Some of the notable tracks feature: "Atonement" samples Radiohead "You and Who's Army?" from Amnesiac, and an eight-minute suite titled "Can't Stop This," features a J Dilla production.

YouTube: The Roots- "Don't Feel Right"

The Roots decided to just use their My Space site as their official site.
Stream their new stuff ovah here: official site: The Roots


Blogger Dan Gillis III said...

Good stuff the roots! You should check out our publication LA Alternative, we're way better than LA Weekly. Peace.

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