Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's Brew | Say Hi To Your Mom

Since I don't normally write alot, due to time constraints, I always like it when I can find material that already exists. I find ways to incorporate them into my entry (credits included).
And I make it appoint to find material that's interesting enough for one to read...so hey, I found some here...

(text below courtesy of the band's site)
Why is Impeccable Blahs about vampires?
Because they threatened to bite us on the neck if we didn't make a record about them.

Hey, are you the guy?
Depends who is asking.

I'm still confused about how many people are in Say Hi To Your Mom.
Eric started the band in 2002 and played most of the instruments on the first three records. He was able to do this because of super advanced recording technology. Chris and Jeff joined the band in 2005 and contributed to the fourth record. Despite this fact, super advanced recording technology was still employed in making the fourth record. Nevertheless, Eric hopes that people will start asking Chris and Jeff if they are 'the guy.'
(to read more, visit the band's site and go to FAQ)

From their forthcoming album "Impeccable Blahs" (July 25):
mp3 download: Say Hi To Your Mom- "These Fangs"
(courtesy of insound)

official site: Say Hi To Your Mom

Buy/ Preorder the album ovah here.


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