Monday, October 02, 2006

Today's Brew | BBC Collective: Grizzly Bear

Yet another entry.

BBC Collective features a recent live video session with the band, an interview and also a short featurette.
I heard the backstory about one of their songs, but here it is as well:

Yet one of the tracks, Marla, does come with a tale attached, written as it was by Edward’s great-aunt in the 40s. “She moved to New York to become a singer and didn’t really have a lot of success, but she got some paying gigs and recorded some stuff,” he elaborates. “Then she died from drinking too much. So these recordings always existed but they were on really old vinyl and my family recently decided to get them transferred to disc. There were 23 unnamed tracks and the only way to figure out the words was just to listen. The original is such an upbeat song but there’s something sad about it and we slowed it down. Dan wrote some new arrangements so it’s quite different from the original, but the words and melody are the same.” (text by Paul Clarke, BBC, 21 September 06)

BBC Collective: Grizzly Bear- Live Video Session


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