Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Second Cup | Death of a President

Playing with alternate history in almost in a true sense. Two different mediums explore that path, in this "what if" scenario.

The film that created a bit of uproar by Gabriel Range that screened recently at the Toronto Film Festival. The title is also known as "D.O.A.P".

"Shot like a typical television documentary, the 93-minute film uses computer wizardry to combine archival footage of President Bush with staged scenes to depict the murder and its aftermath." (By Josh Grossberg, E! Online)

Film: Death of a President

"The President's Dead." A two-minute and forty-two second serving of alternative historical fiction.

from a limited edition 12" "The President's Dead":
mp3: Okkervil River- "The President's Dead"

official site: Okkervil River


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