Monday, December 05, 2005

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So here we go with my annual list of the best albums this year.

A quick review of The 2/3 into the year: My Top 10 Albums thus far

This was a tough list to compile since there was alot of good albums that came out this year. This list is flawed of course since I haven't really listened to all the music thats out there, but I've been able to listen to enough to put together some of my favorites this year.

The list will be post to you in segments: (so stay tuned)

1-5 | Thursday PM (PST)
6-10 | Wednesday PM (PST)
11-15 | Tuesday PM (PST)
16-20 | Tonight


Segment 1 | 16-20


Queens of The Stone Age “Lullabies to Paralyze”
from: US
album release date: March 22, 2005


Seu Jorge “The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions”
from: Brazil
album release date: November 22, 2005


Spoon "Gimme Fiction"
from: US
album release date: May 10, 2005
realVID: Spoon- "I Turn My Camera On"


Engineers "Engineers"
from: UK
album release date: June 21, 2005
realVID- Engineers- "Forgiveness"


M.I.A. "Arular
from: UK
album release date: March 22, 2005
realVID: M.I.A.- "Galang"


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