Thursday, December 08, 2005

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The countdown concludes.

This is it! The top 5!
Some big surprises and maybe not...hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did.

Honorable Mentions | sometime this weekend (PST) <---just added!
1-5 | Tonight
6-10 | Wednesday PM (PST)
11-15 | Tuesday PM (PST)
16-20 | Monday PM (PST)


Segment 4 | 1-5


Deerhoof "Green Cosmos [EP]"
from: US
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"Green Cosmos EP" album release date: June 28, 2005
"The Runners Four" album release date: October 11, 2005
-I prefer "Green Cosmos" over "The Runners Four"--More exploratory and experimental in sound.
Listen to the whole album: Deerhoof- "The Runners Four"


Wolf Parade"Apologies to the Queen Mary"
from: CAN
album release date: September 27, 2005
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-From the same city that brought you Arcade Fire.
mp3 download: Wolf Parade- "Shine A Light"

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Broadcast “Tender Buttons"
from: UK
album release date: September 20, 2005
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"When I was making this album I lost my dad. I was looking after him when he was dying and at the same time I was writing a lot of the songs, I wasn’t trying to describe my feelings, I was trying to let go of that approach and step back from the words and set them alight. I was doing creative writing exercises, trying any approach that would allow me to step back and see what happens when I did things differently when I let go." -Trish Keenan (excerpt taken from Poptones)
mp3 download: Broadcast- "America's Boy"
QT: Broadcast- "Tender Buttons

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Broken Social Scene s/t
from: CAN
album release date: October 4, 2005
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"The way we record is piling on a bunch of shit, recording track after track. Our tunes are so dense as far as computer files, like the opening track has like 140 files." -Brendan Canning ( comment taken from pitchfork)
Real: Broken Social Scene- on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic- November 8, 2005

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Sufjan studied creative writing program at the New School in New York, trained as a fiction writer, he brings that into his music. Currently he's attempting to cover all the 50 States in his music. He's already done Michigan and now Illinois.
"I think they're very similar, writing fiction and writing music. They require different skills, and different ears, but there is a certain music to fiction, to the sentence-- the rhythm of words put together. And I think it's the same in songwriting as well." -Sufjan Stevens (excerpt taken from pitchfork)
Sufjan Stevens "Illinois"
from: US
album release date: July 5, 2005
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"Honestly, music has been a big distraction since I moved to New York," Stevens said. "I came here to go to graduate school (in creative writing), to finish the program. I worked in publishing. I wanted to write, to get published. I wanted to write novels and teach writing. And I did a little bit of that. I was sort of peripherally involved in this literary environment for a while. The music thing was always a hobby, but people were always pulling me out of the writing and inviting me to perform or record." -Sufjan Stevens (excerpt from Popmatters)
Real: Sufjan Stevens- on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic- July 14, 2005


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