Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's Brew | David Byrne: The Knee Plays

Set for a re-release on Nov. 6th...

''THE KNEE PLAYS'' by Robert Wilson and David Byrne is presented as the American section of ''The Civil Wars,'' Mr. Wilson's monumental, multilinear extravaganza...The 13 vignettes that comprise ''The Knee Plays'' are meant to be joints or connectives between the long acts of ''Civil Wars.'' Extracted from the cycle and put together into an evening lasting 100 minutes, the ''opera'' is not simply a series of interludes. Instead, it is like an acrostic puzzle, a riddle that, once solved, assumes a new shape and significance. Parenthetically, the Knee Plays themselves have preludes, which perhaps one could call Elbow Plays.
(NY Times,By MEL GUSSOW Published: December 4, 1986, Thursday)

stream: Tree (Today is an Important Occasion)
stream: In the Future

official site: The Knee Plays


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