Monday, October 08, 2007

Second Cup | Justice (for all)

Got an opportunity to catch the LA Weekly's Detour Event over the weekend.
Perhaps the highlight of the evening, and maybe the band that stole the spotlight from Bloc Party was the pulsating sounds of Justice that really got the crowd jumping like bunch of spider monkeys on crack over the massive stench of marijuana...if you weren't high off the sick beats of Justice, you probably got a good whiff of the pot that every other person was smokin in this show.
If you missed out on their performance this past weekend, fret not, as they are at the Henry Fonda for two nights...and I'm sure the whole place will be shakin' their booty's in a weird sorta way.

mp3: Justice- "Stress"
mp3: Daft Punk-"Human After All" (Justice Remix)


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