Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's Brew | Radiohead killed the internet

So as we had mentioned previously, the big event has Radiohead releases their most anticipated album "In Rainbows" in a digital release (the actual album won't be out til later this year)- that's been talked since their 2003 release Hail to the Thief. The band had played their new material at various shows the past year or so, and has well documented their studio recordings on their own blog. Then it came, the band did something that most bands could only imagine or wish they could do and afford, that is allow people to download the music and set their own price. Quite a gamble, but I'm sure the band already knew that, as their previous album was leaked prior to its official release...perhaps this is there way of responding to the changes in how people actually listen to music.

From their album "In the Rainbows":
mp3: Radiohead- "15 Step"
(YouSend: for a limited time only)

official site: Radiohead- In Rainbows


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