Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Best Music Vids I've Seen So Far- 2007 Edition

Today marks the start of a series of lists here at ADD. Some have expressed their disdain for lists, as there are so many out there, but here at ADD, we love lists. And just like last year, we kicked off the series of lists with the Best Vids I've seen so far.
The key words here are, I've seen so far, since there are so many vids I'm sure I've neglected.
This year, the list includes a couple of vids made in an unconventional manner. Thus redefining the way vids are made and shared-- so you won't be hearing the words "I want my MTV", anytime soon.

A look at last year's:
Best Vids I've Seen So Far- 2006 Edition

And now here's the list, I purposely left out any running commentary on each vid, and let the vid speaks for itself:

11. Bat For Lashes- "Whats a Girl To Do"
(album was released 2006- US release-2007)

10. Besnard Lakes- "Agent 13"
directed by Kara Blake

9. Feist- "1,2,3,4"
directed by Patrick Daughters

8. UNKLE- "Burn My Shadow"
director Miguel Sapochnik

video: here

7. Bjork- "Earth Intruders"
directed by Michel Ocelot

6. Justice- "D.A.N.C.E."
directed by Jonas & Francois

5. Fujiya & Miyagi- "Ankle Injury"
directed by Wade Shotter

4.Beirut- "The Penalty"
directed by La Blogotheque

3.Spoon- "Underdog"
directed by Keven McAllester

2.Arcade Fire- "Neon Bible & Wake Up"
directed by La Blogotheque

1.Battles- "Atlas"
directed by Timothy Saccenti


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