Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Brew | The Sugar Report

From NYC, these guys definitely have an Interpol influence in their sound (and in turn pay homage to The Chameleons (UK)), and a bit of Brit pop influence in their vocals reminiscent of the croonings of the heydays of Pulp. Their sound isn't as angular as Interpol, but has more of a dancier beat similiar to VHS or Beta. Definitely worth checkin' out if you dig the whole post-punk or as now some would classify, the neo post-punk genre.

Visit their My Space to stream their music and also download one of their tracks.
They play a show with Calla with Dirty on Purpose at the Bowery Ballroom (NYC)- for details check out the site as well.

official site: The Sugar Report
My Space: The Sugar Report


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